Make Memories at #RestoRetreat2016




It may not feel like it with the weather we are having, but fall is right around the corner which can mean one thing, and one thing only: #RestoRetreat2016

For those not versed in Twitter slang, #RestoRetreat2016 is our annual all-church retreat that is just a few weeks away. This year it’s taking place October 14 – 16 and will be held in picturesque Massanetta Springs near Harrisonburg, VA (about 2.5 hours from church).

Our annual retreat is a wonderful opportunity to unplug from the Beltway as well as relax, hike and enjoy the fall in the Shenandoah Valley. #RestoRetreat2016 is also a chance to spend time in prayer while growing closer to God surrounded in His natural beauty.

Here’s how one happy retreat-goer described his experience attending a Restoration retreat:

“Going to the fall retreat provides a total break from your routine–children have a lot of open space to play, food is cooked, the atmosphere is relaxed. Since you’re not in your regular seat at church, people sitting near you are often new to you (or friends you have not seen recently); some are even from other church services. When you return after the retreat, you have shared memories with those who were with you; it really helps you feel part of the Restoration family.”

Another person indicates:

“We had been around the church for a few years but didn’t really know very many people well. The retreat was the first time I had to really get to know people on a deeper level, and some of those people are our close friends today.”

#RestoRetreat2016 will be fun for the entire family! There will be great teaching, worship and special programs for kids and youth. Reserve your spot online today!