Relaxing in Middleburg – RestoWomen Welcome!

IMG_0548As I reflect on the many reasons I value attending the women’s retreat each year, I keep coming back to the way that it carves out precious space and time amidst a world that feels busy and chaotic.  When I drive along the winding roads of Middleburg, VA, I can physically and mentally feel the constraints of the city wash away and fade into the distance. Looking forward, I feel a sense of peace because I know that every moment of the next 36 hours will encompass some beautiful combination of the following:

–       Prayer

–       Silence

–       Laughter

–       Reflection

–       Connection

–       Nature

–       Creativity

–       Worship

–       Friendship

–       Play

Not included:

–       Emails

–       Demands

–       To-Do Lists

–       Laundry

–       Traffic

–       Errands

–       Technology

–       Rushing

IMG_6351To me, the women’s retreat offers precious time and space during which I am much more open and available to receive the abundant gifts that God delights in bestowing upon me. It is my hope and prayer that all of the women at Restoration would attend the retreat this year so that they, too, could receive and experience these gifts! Sign up here for the retreat, 9-11 Feb. Closing date MONDAY, January 29, 2018!!

~Kate Liias