God’s reflection….


This morning I was driving to church as dawn was breaking…  The sky was so lovely – pinks and greys and oranges…but as I changed direction away from the sunrise I had a moment of pang – sorry to not be able to see it clearly any longer. But then, as I was stopped at the lights I looked up, and all the buildings around were reflecting back soft pinks and oranges… and as I smiled, I felt God nudging me and reminding me that I am deeply embedded in a community of believers who all reflect the Father’s face.

And so – a call out – if you are a woman and are not yet signed up for the women’s retreat – why not consider coming? The more we come to know each other in community, the more we see the reflection of our very, very good God in those around us AND what is more as Connally points us in the direction of ‘Simply God’ I am confident that together we will reflect more of God’s character and loveliness by the end of the weekend! Your face will be brighter .. so…

Over 90 of us are going already – but there are a few more spaces! Feb 9-11… just over two weeks away…

COME! You can sign up here!