ARDF: Come to Ghana and see God at Work

PrayerMtg_Ghana_IMG_6293At Restoration, we love our partners, and we are so grateful for the work of ARDF.

Here in the United States unemployment is at an all-time low. Even so, job opportunities are not equally available, depending on your experience, education, and opportunities. This is not unique to the US. In the slums outside of Accra, Ghana, young adults face a lot of challenges, including unemployment. As outreach to this community, the Anglican church in Accra is building a Youth Development Center, where youth will be able to receive job training, Bible-based mentoring, counseling, and leadership development.

The government of Ghana cannot meet all the needs for job creation and other social services.  Who else but the church can offer practical help, lasting hope, and grace? Fortunately, social outreach is at the heart of the Diocese of Accra and they are experienced at offering educational opportunities to youth.

This spring, Restoration chose to give all of the Lent and Easter offerings to specifically support this project. Because of your generosity, nearly $19,000 was donated to the church in Accra.

Now, you have the unique opportunity to visit this project! October 11-21, 2018, ARDF will take a group to Ghana to see exactly what the Lord is doing there, on the ground. As part of the team, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Vocational Center and witness first-hand how your funds are being used to alleviate poverty in the slums of Accra.

Participants will also have the chance to participate in a wide range of ministry activities. You will visit prisons and schools and help a medical team with a pop up clinic in a rural area. The week ends with the annual diocesan prayer gathering.

The trip includes the option to visit the (in)famous Slave Castle of Cape Coast where captured Africans were held in the dungeons before being transported to the west as slaves. You won’t want to miss this on your visit to West Africa.

Ghana-JWestbrook_IMG_5601All the details of the trip are found here. You can also contact John Westbrook, who went on a similar trip in 2013. We would love to share with you what God is doing through your donations!

~Christine Jones, ARDF